Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Top 10 podcasts - great to take on training runs

Sorry been a while since my last post. This is actually my 3rd attempt. The latest version of the Blogger app keeps losing my text - very annoying!

Managed to get a 1:30 ride in last Friday morning (a day's holiday) - very chilly conditions. I was wearing a number of layers and still the wind was biting. Saturday I was back in the pool. Sunday a 1:00 run in the morning - 30 mins easy pace - turn around and re-trace steps - the goal to get home before the hour is up (i.e. negative split - completed successfully). Sunday evening - 40 mins turbo training and weights session.

On my Sunday morning run I was plugged into my iPhone and caught up with a couple of short podcasts I had previously downloaded from iTunes. To be honest I had enough content to last me a good few marathons as there appears to be a number of interesting new podcasts worth trying and I have downloaded a lot. Generally, the ones I like cover multisports training, races and profiles of athletes, nutrition advice and lifestyle recommendations.

My current top 10 are as follows (in order of preference):

1. Zen and the Art of Triathlon (follow Coach Brett in his training, racing and living the multisport life)
2. Training Bible Coaching (Good mix of technical and training tips from 2 elite triathletes)
3. Fitness Behaviour (Great lifestyle tips from Bevan James Eyles)
4. Ben Greenfield Fitness (a lot of nutritional and technical content)
5. JBST Multisports (another quite technical podcast hosted by Joe Beer)
6. Fat-Burning Man (just found this one recently but impressed with content)
7. Rich Roll Podcast (another new one based on an amazing ultrarunner - likely to rise in the charts)
8. The Age Grouper (a good podcast but unfortunately the last episode was Apr 2012)
9. Vinnie Tortorich - America's Angriest Trainer (biased to nutritional tips)
10. Endurance Planet (only listened to one but good so far)

These provide a great free resource and are well worthwhile downloading for your next long run.

Please add a comment if you have some other ideas.


  1. IM Talk is my favorite
    In no particular order I would include in my top 10:
    Legends of Triathlon
    Marathon Talk
    Plus most of the ones you mention already.

    1. Thanks Steve - I probably should have included IM Talk, which I have listened to in the past - from memory, quite biased to race information and triathletes' profiles. I do think highly of Bevan James Eyles who is one of the hosts.

      Will try the other two mentioned on your list.


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