A tailing off at the end of last week

Are we already half way through January?

By Friday I had already completed nearly 6 hours on the bike, 2.5 hours running and 1.5 hour swim (looking good!). Unfortunately as the weather turned so did my appetite for training. Saturday’s club swim (another hour in the pool) went well – another tough session:

2.1km broken down as follows – 600m warm up (various drills/sets) then 300m focus on arm position (including high elbow / straight arm) followed by 24x 50m for the main set.

Coach MT commented on my straight arm technique – at first I thought it a little uncomfortable and I was thrashing about a bit, however he claimed that my arm entry looked about right (slighty wider) and that it may be something I should look to incorporate. It certainly did get easier as the set progressed and I was pleased that I did not experience any fatigue in my arms. A lot of endurance swimmers and Ironman triathletes use a straighter arm technique – definitely worth experimenting further with.

No further training on Saturday (missed a turbo session). On Sunday morning I combined a tough turbo power set (day 7 of the program: http://trihardtraining.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/loads-of-training.html I completed 16 sets at 100% effort) and 15 min fast-paced run immediately after (i.e. a brick session). As my training progresses throughout the year I intend to do more brick sessions of varying distance, time and intensity.

That was it for the week – the training certainly tailed off at the end and my weekend total of 2 hours brought the week up to my target of 12 hours, so I suppose job done!

I expect to record a lower volume of training for this week as I wish to keep myself relatively fresh for Thursday’s event – The IG City Challenge at the London Bike Show 2013 http://www.londonnocturne.com/IG_City_Criterium.php. My Company (Brewin Dolphin) have me down as ‘Team Captain’. I will be attempting the ‘hill climb’ on a turbo (hence the recent power work) and join the rest of the 4-man team for the relay. Hopefully it will be fun, albeit probably quite competitive, especially amongst the City firms. I will report back in a future post to let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile, I expect to spend an hour in the ‘Cave of Pain’ tonight – more turbo / possibly a weights set. Wednesday will be an easy morning run plus the normal 1.5 hour Club swim in the evening.


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