Loads of Training!

I am pleased that I have followed up my long New Year Day's run + turbo session with further training to get me back in shape post the festive period.

Wednesday (first day back in the office) was Club Swim night, a good 1:30 session with drills sets and some pace control. Even ended up doing one-arm underwater doggy paddle with head out the water then head in, to help with the pull through the water - not sure where the Coach got that one from!

Thursday, it was on the singlespeed bike (my road bike has a puncture - will sort out this weekend) for the 2 hour round-trip Brighton commute. In the morning I completed 3x tempo sets at slightly higher cadence/speed (30km/h plus) with recovery between each. The return ride was mostly at an easy pace as I had decided to join Coach MT and some of the HAT guys for a run session at 8pm.

For the run session we focussed on 'Strides' 12x fast, yet smooth and light on our feet, sandwiched between a warm up and cood down run. I was surprised that I did so well, especially given I had completed a 2 hour bike earlier in the day. I ran with some of the strongest runners in the Club but certainly held my own when it came to the fast 'strides'. Overall a great training session.

This morning I was up early and back on the turbo for day 6 of the power program. I had missed Wed/Thu because of the other training in my diary but was keen to continue with this excellent program which I am already benefiting from and I believe will help me in some early bike races in the season - more on that later. Details of the Day 6 session and the next 3 days after that are listed below:

Day 6: 10 min warm-up; 5 min 70%; 3 min 75%; 2 min 80%; 4x [5x (30+30 sec) 100/50% + 5 min]
Day 7: 10 min warm-up; 5 min 70%; 3 min 75%; 2 min 80%; 10 min 60%; ??x (30+30 sec) 100/50% - close to your max repetitions, but no failure training); 15 min easy rolling
Day 8: 20 min warm-up; 3x (5+3 min) 80 / 50%; 16 min medium/easy rolling
Day 9: 15 min incremental warm-up; 50 min criterium/Fartleck; 10 min cool down


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