Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - a good start on the training front

Day 4 of the 14-day program went to plan on the 31st. 3 sets of the following:

6x (40 sec + 20 sec) @ 95% + 50% max. power with 4 min recovery spins between each of the 3 sets. With a 5 min warm up all done within 35 mins.

No more training on New Year's Eve except for a bit of dancing. Little drinking as I was driving so a good opportunity to get up on New Year's Day and go for an early run.

By just gone 7am I was up and out the door for an easy Zone 1-2 long run on a beautiful morning following a rolling route.
I managed 25 km (in approx 2 hours 20 mins) for the longest run I have completed for a couple of months.

Back for a green smoothie (spinach, 2x bananas, frozen berries, skimmed milk and honey). Then after a nice coffee I was back out for a walk with the wifey and the dogs at Sullington Warren (pictured below).

Great start to 2013.

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