Sunday, 27 January 2013

Stepping it up - cross-training included

Managed a brief 'strides' session this morning: After a 10 min warm up, I completed 12x (30 sec fast + 30 sec recovery) sets, followed by the normal cool down.

A week of running (5 separate sessions) and some swimming but no biking, which I intend to put right this coming week.

The plan looks something last this:

Mon - Run: strength set (0:45) + Bike Turbo: power set (1:00)
Tue - Bike: commute inc. hill work + easy return (2:00)
Wed (my birthday) - skiing at snowdome (2:00)
Thu - Run: 5km time trial + w/u and c/d (0:45)
Fri - Bike: commute incl hill work (1:00) + Run: Strides, 14 sets (0:45)
Sat - Club Swim (1:00)
Sun - Run: long aerobic Z2-Z3 (2:15)

Stepping it up a little from the 6-8 hours in the last fortnight to back above 10 hours plus. Need to get back into 3 week cycle, 10-12 hours for 2 weeks and then a single week at approx. half volume.

Obviously, Wednesday includes something a little different but cross-training is allowed!

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